John Chenoweth

John Chenoweth

, Canada

IACCP 2018, John Chenoweth, Psychology Researcher

Indigenous Education: A Canadian Perspective

Participants: Dr. John Chenoweth, Chair of the Symposium, Dean, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Shelley Oppenheim-Lacerte – District Principal-Aboriginal Education, Canada
Dr Verna Billy-Minnabarriet, VP Academic and Strategic Partnerships, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Candad

Indigenous Education is a much talked about concept in the Canadian politic. The responsibility to address the crisis in Indigenous education is the responsibility of every citizen in this country. This symposium will briefly identify three aspects of this ongoing dialogue:
(i) an emerging theory and methodology to view education through an Indigenous systems-based 4 part lens utilizing a traditional Indigenous story; (ii) a critical and personal means to employ the rich and powerful traditional Indigenous epistemologies within the K-12 educational environs; and (iii) A critical view of Indigenous education within the post-secondary Indigenous education at the Canadian national level. The symposium will provide specific examples of successes and challenges that are marking the transition of Indigenous education from a state of crisis to a state of collaboration and responsibility. Indigenous epistemology by its nature clashes with western practices resulting in many opportunities for change within the existing educational landscape in this country.


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